MSFRN Listserv and Box Account Reference Guide

Once you are a member of the MSFRN Community, use the following information as a reference for the Community and Group Box Account.

COMMUNITY – used for regular inquiries and posts

  • Access the Community Page: Click here to access the Community page.  Login required.
  • Group E-mail/Discussion: To send a message to the group or start a new conversation thread, send an e-mail to MSFRN@ASSH.ORG.
  • E-mail Digest Option: Just under the MSFRN Logo in the Community homepage, you may set your preferred frequency to receive group posts.  Your options are: Every Post, Daily Digest, Weekly Digest, and Limited.  If you need to further customize your preferred setting, click on the “Email Settings” link.  Follow the onscreen prompts.
  • Individual Email/Reply: If you wish to privately respond to or communicate with another member of the group, click on the “Show All” link in the Members section (located on the top right hand corner) of the Community homepage to search for the individual.  Click on the person’s name and you should see an option to “Send a message” along the top right hand corner of their individual profile.
  • Leave Group/Community: To leave the Group/Community, send an email to the administrator at kdelasarmas@ASSH.ORG and put the words “SIGNOFF MSFRN” in the body of your e-mail.
  • Forgot Password: To reset your password, click here and then click on the “Forgot your password?” link.  Enter your email address and then check your inbox (and junk folder) for the Password Reset E-mail.
  • Disclaimer: Content posted to the Community are for MSFRN users only.  Please do not share or distribute content without permission of the original poster. – cloud storage for directory and past meeting archives

  • sign-up: Visit to join and create a free account.  For a quick introduction check out this video: Don’t have time to set-up an account right now?  Access the MSFRN account with visitor rights only.
  • general information: is “in the cloud” so you’ll be able to access information wherever you are as long as you have internet access. is where we store important documents such as program agendas, meeting notes, handouts, sample documents and survey results. is also a great place for our Winter/Summer meeting chairs to store and track files related to program planning.  As a registered user you will be able to:
    • PREVIEW files
    • SHARE files via weblink
    • UPLOAD files
    • DOWNLOAD existing content. Please note that if you wish to make any edits to saved documents, follow these steps for each document:
      1. Download a copy of the document
      2. Make your edits as needed
      3. Save document onto your desktop
      4. Select Upload button and choose your revised document. Once this is complete, the document’s version will be revised.
  • Disclaimer: Content posted to the account are for MSFRN users only.  Please do not share or distribute content without permission of the original poster.